Toxic Masculinity Has Been Radicalized Into A Hatred Of Men


John Manos

Sixty-three percent of youth suicides, 90 percent of the homeless and runaway youth population, 80 percent of rapists, and 71 percent of all high school dropouts have one thing in common. They all lack a father.

In the past couple of years, the American far left has perpetuated the idea that masculinity is bad. That’s an understatement. That it’s toxic. Testosterone perpetuates evil. The far left says that the commonality between men like Hitler, Stalin, Mussolini, Chavez, etc., isn’t anger, lack of empathy, violent nationalistic ideals, jealousy, or over-ambition…it’s manhood. Why do they think this? A Pinterest post once said, “There should be an anti-fathers day.” This is another hollow concept perpetuated by the left and 21st-century feminism.

If you think masculinity is bad in nature, you’re incredibly mistaken. A father is needed when it comes to giving a daughter or son the tools necessary to thrive in life. For a boy, becoming a man is essential. But pop culture continues their attack. Modern day feminism has contributed greatly to this. What is so sad about feminism’s role in this is the slow degeneration of their ideology. Feminism went from generating iconic images like Rosie the Riveter, empowering women to conquer the industry in the United States during WWII, virtually saving this nation, to what they are today — an attack on all men. No, not just the rapists and abusers, but all men.

This attack on masculinity is a sad example of where our society is headed at this point. The University of Texas was quoted in saying that masculinity is a ‘mental health issue.’ This attack cannot continue. As this siege progresses, the rivalry between the two genders will continue to grow. This is poisonous and must cease.

A mature person would recognize that throughout history, there has been a plethora of great men who changed the world for better. Some examples include Ronald Reagan, John Paul II, Winston Churchill, C.S. Lewis, etc. That same person would then notice that there are women who had great, monumental effects on history as well. Some examples include Margaret Thatcher, Condoleezza Rice, Pat Summitt, Joan of Arc, Mary, Mother of Christ, etc. So why such a rivalry?

I will never truly understand why; however, it is not hard to see the goals of these men-haters. Break down the image of a man, then ostracize the few that still fit that image. Recently, a movement telling men that it is okay to be feminine has emerged. This isn’t necessarily an incorrect idea. However, that message is slowly turning into “it is better off for men to be feminine.” This is vastly incorrect. It’s laughable.

Throughout history the (radical) left has attacked the white person for being white, the rich person for being rich, the straight person for being straight, the Christian person for being Christian.And now? The man for being, well, a man. Luckily, there are sensible people here like me to give you this message: if you’re a white, Christian, wealthy male, it’s okay. If you’re any one of these things, its okay. If you’re not one of these things, it’s okay. You can be who you are and not who the left tells you to be and it will always be okay. The fact of the matter is the left acts so accepting with all races, religions, and the LGBTQ community, but they’re not. They’re only loyal to those who are loyal to them. If you’re a black person who happens to be a conservative, the left will despise you. Just ask Candace Owens. If you’re a gay person who happens to be a conservative, the left will despise you. Just ask Milo Yiannopoulos.

So here’s a refreshing idea from the right side of America: if you’re feminine, that’s awesome. If you’re masculine, that’s awesome. Be who you are. What I’m about to say goes out to all of us men out there. Our values are under siege. And whether you use a Gillette razor or not, ask yourself this: what would your father say if you ditched your manhood because MSNBC told you to?