Student Government General Assembly: Feb. 19

Student Government General Assembly: Feb. 19

I. Executive Reports

President Danny Reeves reported that the speaker for Mental Health Week has been finalized and is it Michelle Williams from Destiny’s Child.

Speaker of the House Will Hargrove reported that a follow-up discussion on race relations is scheduled and that he is putting the Greek life discussion on hold for now.

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Secretary Maia Kennedy reported that she is still working to collaborate with the SAFE Office to hold a sexual awareness consent campaign for educational purposes and how this issue is complicated by the digital age. It will be a public-relations-focused campaign similar to that of the senior fifth campaign. There is also a date set on the calendar for a meeting with facilities for a future dog space on campus.

Chief of Staff Daniel Oberti reported that he is working hard to plan the Presidential Leadership Series. President Nathan Hatch will be attending and there will be a Call to Conversation held as well.

Staff Advisor Tim Wilkinson reported that the application for the engagement consultants position is live. The inclusive climate forum will be held Thursday night. Wilkinson has also been working on finding a substitute space for the Barn that is safer to hold social events given last year’s shooting. These spaces will mainly cater to the African American sororities and fraternities and the Black Student Alliance on campus for late night events with students from other campuses. The university is working on a partnership with Last Resort because of complications associated with holding events in the Sutton Center, such as needing more security given the multiple entrances and exits. Wilkinson reminded students that contrary to rumors, Wake Forest owns the land, not the business itself. The three independent lounges are also being considered as possible event space options. Up to 20 percent of the event capacity can be guests from outside of Wake Forest, and the organization holding the event will have to provide a guest list to police, event resource staff, and share it with the front gates. Organizations will also need to attend an event planning meeting with Wilkinson and the Student Engagement Office. IDs will be checked at event, and there is no charge for using the spaces.

II. Committee Reports

Academic Committee reported that they will be interviewing faculty for faculty spotlights and the interviews will be compiled into a video. They are asking for faculty suggestions. There is also a meeting scheduled with the Provost’s Office Thursday at 11 a.m.

Campus Life Committee met with Dean Adam Goldstein, Wilkinson and Anthropology Professor Naomi Reed to discuss running a gap analysis to improve and create better structures relating to racism on campus. They are also planning to meet with Shannon Ashford and other members of the Office of Diversity and Inclusion. They also received positive feedback from the focus group for the consent poster campaign.

Diversity and Inclusion Committee had nothing to report.

Judiciary Committee is having an internal Call to Conversation to develop relationships with people on the ethics side of legislation that aren’t as involved in government.

III. New Business

Senators had breakout discussions as a follow-up discussion about last week’s talk about race relations on campus. They identified that many students come from homogenous backgrounds and may be uneducated when it comes to race. They thought of several solutions such as that the cultural diversity requirement cannot be completed by Advanced Placement Credit, that there should be a required half-semester class on diversity for freshman or an FYS/FYE on diversity and inclusion, diversity and inclusion training before Wake Forest or within the first couple of months of being at Wake Forest, conducting workshops with freshman and more orientation programming on the topic. All of these ideas are being considered.

Senate Bill 7, which made changes to this year’s election packet, was passed. 

IV. Annoncements

It’s now twenty-nine days from the start of the 2019 election cycle.

On Thursday, Feb. 25, as part of Tie a Yellow Ribbon Week, there will be a speak out at Wait Chapel where anonymous testimonials of survivors of sexual assault will be shared.

There is a meeting for bettering the inclusion climate on campus, which Student Government is co-sponsoring this Thursday, Feb. 21 at 6 p.m.

Founders’ Day Convocation ceremony Thursday in Wait Chapel.

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