Student Government General Assembly: March 5


Elizabeth Maline

I. Senate Business

President Danny Reeves reported that Mental Health Week is the week after Spring Break. He encouraged all senators to get involved and attend and promote events. The new athletic director, John Currie, is coming to Senate soon and is very interested in meeting students. Election packets are out and people can now get signatures. No campaigning is allowed for senators when asking for signatures, so if students ask those running for positions what they stand for, they cannot say. Only Reeves and the Recording Secretary will be have access to the votes coming in so the results are not leaked during the election.

Speaker of the House Will Hargrove had nothing to report. 

Treasurer Sydney Packard reported that Deacon Dining is considering adding a dining option at Wake Downtown. She is taking suggestions for types of options to add.

Secretary Maia Kennedy reported that they are currently seeking approval for their sexual assault and harassment awareness campaign.

Chief of Staff Daniel Oberti had nothing to report.

Staff Advisor Tim Wilkinson was not present.

II. Committee Reports

Academic Committee had nothing to report. 

Campus Life Committee reported that they had a meeting with Dean of Admissions Martha Allman and President Hatch. Associate Dean of Student Conduct Matthew Clifford is setting up a committee to look into recent issues of race.

The independent lounge in Kitchin, previously belonging to Alpha Sigma Phi, has officially been designated for the use of the Black Student Alliance (BSA). The administration is also looking into ways to improve the bias reporting system.

Diversity and Inclusion Committee had nothing to report.

Judiciary Committee reported that applications to be on the Board of Investigators and Advisors, and the Honor and Ethics Council are now live and close March 25. The application to be a President’s Aide is also live and due March 8.

Physical Planning Committee had nothing to report.

Public Relations Committee reported that they are working on promoting Mental Health Week and encouraged everyone to share content on social media. The election video is in its final editing stages and should be released shortly. 

Student Organizations Council had nothing to report.

III. New Business

President Danny Reeves reviewed voting, debate and discussion procedures and terminology with senators.

Each senator will now have access to an information sheet during voting to better understand the process.

VI. Announcements

Share Mental Health Week flyers on social media and be sure to attend the week’s events.