Left-Wing Biases Permeate National Media Conversation

Left-Wing Biases Permeate National Media Conversation

What are you reading? What do you want to read? Why do you read? I can guarantee, whatever it is you read, it’s biased — unless it’s Pew Research or a Physics 113 lab report. Seeing a correlation? Works without bias are simply … boring. Here’s my insight as to why this is. 

I like politics, so I’m going to give you two paragraphs about President Trump. Think to yourself which is more “entertaining.”

1) “Donald J. Trump is from New York and has a long paper trail of business endeavors, primarily in the realm of real estate. This micro-fiscal background acts as a qualifying feature for his presidency and has garnered much of the support from his constituency. Aggressively rhetorical and simple-minded, Trump is considered by many to be a revolutionary figurehead.”

2) “Trump? Do I like Trump? NO. Of course not. I’m not a southern, redneck, antisemitic, uneducated bigot. I grew up in diverse township in New York. I have money, and I’m not a jerk. Why does he have to be? Depose that misogynist now! Impeach him. Erase that bigot from history!” 

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The first piece is something you’d see as a TV description for a segment on C-SPAN, and the second one is something like a Snapchat article from Viceland (the biggest joke known to media). The second one is far more entertaining, however, because it’s dramatic. CNN is dramatic, quite liberal too, but mostly dramatic (and yes, Fox is conservative, you’re welcome). This drama is why people watch it. If you list out all of the world’s most popular news sites, you could assign each and everyone of them to a “side” of the political spectrum. For instance — Left: CNN, MSNBC, Viceland, BuzzFeed, BBC, CBS, The New York Times, The Washington Post. Right: Fox, The Washington Times, InfoWars. 

For the past three elections, somewhere around 97 percent of all media donations have gone to the Democratic candidate. Why is mainstream media so liberal? It’s pretty simple; leftism is fun. You can be whatever gender you want; you can be empowered for almost anything. You can identify as literally any object, you can feel like a humanitarian, most of the constituency is young and hip; I could go on forever. Don’t want to provoke any hard feelings of illegal immigrants? Go to the left. Want to switch your gender up a bit, keep us on our toes? Go to the left. Pretty much every good athlete, actor and musician is a liberal. Honestly, it looks like a hell of a time. Especially when your average Republican is a 50-year-old white man who watches Rush Limbaugh and listens to Bob Seger on repeat. 

The left is indeed a lot more fun than the right. But is it the better side? Well, that’s a matter of opinion. But the fact that liberalism is so entertaining is part of the reason that it dominates the media. If you refuse to believe me, just look at the articles around me. By writing the phrase “Trump is good,” I would set myself has an immediate outlier among my fellow columnists. By the way, I do think Trump is good. I don’t think that a paper with a liberal bias is a bad thing. It comes to effect simply due to the majority of opinions in the paper’s staff. However, it is slightly concerning that the national media is so liberal. So leftist. So anti-right. Of course, any source that isn’t liberal is probably vehemently conservative. However, anything praising our current president could be accused as being “hate speech,” a radically overused phrase. I’m sure there will be some hate comments saying, “there’s conservative and liberal media sources, you closed-minded dilettante.” But they’re wrong. Proportionally, for every conservative news outlet, there’s probably three liberal ones. That’s why I don’t feel bad about any of my conservative articles. They’re nothing but a diamond in the rough. Sure, I enjoy writing moderate and even some liberal arguments, but conservative takes are monumentally more divergent in this day and age.

Simply put, media is an argument. It strictly adheres to one side or the other, and if you quest for a truly middle-of-the-road news site, I wish you the best of luck. You’re better off trying to finish the Theory of Everything. Even when you wander out of this beloved opinion section, you will only find other opinions entitled “News” or “Sports.” It’s all opinions. We writers are no more than just bored college students with a point of view, a fancy computer and an inclination to publish. We all try to camouflage our polarizing opinions as moderate stats and feed them to you readers as centrist information and I really hate to say it. But I’m just as guilty as the next person. 

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  • T

    TDApr 21, 2019 at 8:47 am

    The major mainstream media is owned by the very wealthy (Fox, WP) or by Fortune 500 companies, including local radio and press. In what world would these owners be considered overwhelmingly liberal?
    Compared to the press in European countries the US press is quite conservative.

    Perhaps measuring the left/right bias of news we should not use the coverage of our current president as a touch stone, as he has dramatically come out against the press, calling it an “enemy of the people”.

    A person should not judges the press on its coverage of the president and his constant tweets, looking for any gap between Trump and the press as a sign of a liberal bias. Correcting Trumps often incorrect tweets is not a sign of liberal bias.