Deacon Spotlight: Emilia Migliaccio

Deacon Spotlight: Emilia Migliaccio

After a tremendous performance at the U.S. Women’s Amateur Championship in August, where she finished in fifth place among all players, Emilia Migliaccio is preparing for her final year of collegiate golf come springtime. Here, she discusses how the pandemic has affected her life as a student-athlete, the tall expectations for herself and the team during the upcoming season, and much more. The Old Gold & Black‘s sports editor Will Zimmerman spoke with Migliaccio about hopes for the season and the opportunity to compete for a national championship later this year.

Will Zimmerman: How has COVID affected your training and practicing routines over the past few months?

Emilia Migliaccio: It was definitely a challenge to stay motivated towards the beginning of the pandemic because I didn’t have a tournament for many months, but I was lucky that I could still go to my golf course to play and practice. I turned the summer into a positive by really tightening up my game in all areas. 

WZ: How has the women’s golf team been dealing with all the uncertainty surrounding the upcoming seasons for collegiate athletics?

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EM: We have been motivating each other to keep working hard until we are able to compete again. We are lucky that each person on our team has a hard-working mindset and is willing to do anything to make the team better. They are amazing girls! 

WZ: What kind of expectations do you have for your personal game as well as that of the team for the upcoming season?

EM: If we end up playing our spring season, our team is extremely motivated to be national champions. We finished runner-up two years ago and were unable to compete for them this year due to the pandemic. For me, I know when I am fully motivated to win, my personal goals will fall into place. 

WZ: Is that the kind of mentality you had when you beat out Megan Schofill in extended holes to advance to the quarterfinals at the U.S. amateur event?

EM: I remember being really focused on the present moment and thinking what can I do right now? Well, I can commit to this shot and get it as close as possible or get the perfect speed to make this putt. I’ve been in situations like that before and had been successful, so it was also helpful to draw back on those moments. 

WZ: What advice would you give to freshmen student-athletes regarding balancing athletics, their schoolwork and their social life? 

EM: It takes at least a semester to get it right. Embrace the uncertainty and the challenges. Make sure to know what your goals are both on and off the field, that way you can get back on track when distractions inevitably get in the way.

WZ: Do you have any pre-match routines?

EM: I always go over the first three holes in my head and meditate the night before I play to get into a good headspace before going to bed. In the morning, I like to activate all the muscles in my body, which usually takes about five minutes, and then read my devotional before I leave my hotel room. When warming up I like to start with my short game before moving onto putting, and finishing with swinging. 

WZ: Do you have plans for playing amateur or professional golf beyond college?

EM: Yes, I plan on pursuing my professional career next year after I graduate. My goal is to be the number one amateur before I graduate and then to become the number one LPGA player.

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