Student Government Report


Jessica Schmidt, Student Government Beat Reporter

I. Executive Reports

President Miles Middleton warned students that even though numbers are low, there still needs to be caution. Following President Nathan Hatch’s announcement of his retirement, Middleton shared about his involvement in looking at possible replacements. Speaker of the House Ally Swartzberg shared about early voting that begins this week. Students are encouraged to vote early to avoid long lines at the polling stations on election day. Treasurer Victoria Parker is continuing to work on Student Budget Advisory Committee proposals. Chief of Staff Drew Skilton announced that the last round of senate appointment applications is Wednesday, Oct. 14, at 11:59 p.m.  Advisor  Tim Wilkinson reported about the possibility of food trucks and a movie night this Friday, Oct. 16. He also advertised the different activities happening on Hazing Prevention Week. 

II. Committee Reports

The Academic Committee is working on concerns about online classes and plans for the spring semester. They are also bringing up the idea to the university about reinstating the pass-fail policies that were started this past spring during the pandemic. The Campus Life Committee is planning ideas for Halloween to prevent large gatherings off campus. The Diversity and Inclusion Committee is working on redoing the Cultural Diversity Requirement and the Public Relations Committee is starting club spotlights to encourage club participation among first-year students. Student Organization Council is beginning to answer the 52 responses from clubs about how they are doing and how the university can best support them.

III. Other Businesses 

A constituent concern was brought up about increasing the amount of outside lights around campus to increase safety for students walking at night. Other concerns were brought up about adding soup to the Pit and about using faculty parking as sophomore parking.