Student Government General Assembly

Jessica Schmidt, Student Government Beat Reporter

I. Executive Reports

President Miles Middleton began his report with an update on COVID-19 data that he received after a meeting with Vice President Penny Rue. The university has increased its number of random tests per week from 500 to 1400 to get a better sense of the cases on campus. The university found a 2.5% rate in positive cases across all random testing, 8.5% rate in organization-focused testing and 1.5% rate in residence hall- focused testing. He encouraged students to follow university guidelines, especially with the switch to Orange. Middleton also urges students to rely on university-backed information only when encountering rumors about potential operation status switches. 

Chief of Staff Ally Swartzberg continued the theme about encouraging students to follow guidelines and added that students should also exercise their right to vote in the upcoming days of the election. She also shared that the University Counseling Center is beginning its interview process for a new director. 

Secretary Caroline Walker shared about the listening sessions for the new university president. These listening sessions will be held Monday, Nov. 7 and Nov. 12 at 5:30 p.m. and students are encouraged to attend.

Staff Advisor Tim Wilkinson gave more information regarding the switch to Orange and how university guidelines have changed. He also wanted to stop the rumor that the university quraranting hotels, the Best Western and the Hawthorne Inn, are maxed in their capacity. He reported that there is still space available, and a backup plan is in place should both hotels fill up. 

II. Committee Reports

The Academic Committee reported on their meeting with the Learning Assistance Center (LAC) and their discussion to promote academic resources to students. They also met with the new registrar this week to discuss the potential of moving up registration to allow for student travel time home for Thanksgiving. 

The Diversity and Inclusion Committee recapped their meeting with Vice President Chief Diversity Officer José Villaba. They discussed the availability of campus resources in relation to the upcoming election. They wanted to remind students of the Bias Reporting System that is in place. The committee is also working to update the Living Learning Communities to engage upperclassman more in the opportunity. 

The Judiciary Committee is working with the Office of the Dean of Students on the Code of Conduct review to make sure that is clear and accessible to students. The committee is also working on Democracy Week that will occur in mid-November where they will host resources that encourage civic engagement even after the election.