Editorial staff embraces changes

Editorial Staff

A new semester is upon us, and with it comes a plethora of new and exciting changes here at the Old Gold & Black. We have welcomed new personnel in nearly every facet of our publication, and are confident that this new staff will maintain the excellent journalistic standards implemented by previous editorial boards.

Our executive board is headed by sophomore Ben Conroy as Print Managing Editor, sophomore Will Zimmerman as Online Managing Editor, and junior Alexandra Karlinchak as Editor-in-Chief. There are plenty of new names to learn among the individual sections as well. First-year students Essex Thayer and Christina DeNovio have signed on as Co-Editors for the sports section, with Jake Stuart pitching in as an assistant editor. Editing duties in the News Section will be split between first-years Cate Pitterle and Aine Pierre, sophomores Selinna Tran and Micah Porter will oversee our Life section, and sophomore Connor Mcneely will head up the Opinion section.

As always, everyone here at the OGB is thrilled to have the opportunity to tell stories both to and about the students and faculty of Wake Forest. It is our mission to publish pieces that analyze and bring to light those issues that have a tangible impact here on our daily lives in the forest, while also providing thorough coverage of the important things taking place everywhere else in the world.

But with this new semester comes change as well. Going forward, the Old Gold & Black plans to implement several new types of journalistic endeavors including deep-dive reporting, multimedia storytelling and podcasting to our repertoire. It is our hope that these measures will allow us to expand our audience on campus, and form a deeper and more inclusive relationship with the students, faculty, and staff of Wake Forest.

Finally, we hope that all of you have had a stress-free beginning to the semester. As COVID-19 continues to inspire uncertainty in all of our lives, we wish you a safe and healthy few months here in Winston-Salem. Even amidst considerable chaos, the members of the Old Gold & Black are happy to be here, and we can’t wait to get back to work.