The beauty of eating cheesecake warm

Warm cheesecake delights with its deliciously unique flavor


Cheesecake is best served after being heated up for a small amount of time to the point where it is warm, soft and gooey.

Selinna Tran, Life Editor

I understand. You read the title and your face had a knee-jerk reaction to twist into a grimace of disdain. I implore you, reader, to please hear me out and understand the beauty of a slice of warm cheesecake. There is simply so much to explore. 

I cannot recall the exact moment or day I made the discovery of warm cheesecake, but believe me, I will never return to the world of utter mediocrity or the dreadful state of mind associated with eating cold cheesecake. I also feel the need to reveal that my favorite flavor of cheesecake is lemon meringue. This may be a factor in the preference of a specific temperature, but I have never encountered a time where I have chosen cold cheesecake over warm cheesecake.

This concept possibly stems from my childhood and being raised in my family’s restaurant. On our dessert menu, we used to offer cheesecake. In order to serve the delight (the cheesecake was stored in the freezer), we had to warm it up for a little bit. Eventually, I would just let the cheesecake reach a point where it would no longer be cold and turn into a  deliciously warm and gooey dessert.

By now, the grimace on your face has probably turned into an expression of pure disbelief or discontent. But, I ask again, please keep an open mind. Once you try a cheesecake that has been warmed up, you will never go back to the days where your spoon is left forcefully digging into a hard, ice-like dessert.

There is a sort of comfort to warm cheesecake for me. It takes me back to being a child in my family’s restaurant watching all the customers as I sat, satisfied,  with a full belly of delicious raspberry cheesecake (the best flavor we had, as we did not serve lemon meringue). That’s the beauty in food. We’re all entitled to our opinion, no matter how disgusting it may seem to someone else. For this reason, the idea of warm cheesecake holds a special place in my heart.

I am almost certain that everyone has that “weird” comfort food that everyone always seems to be in disbelief about. I have friends who enjoy sriracha on watermelon or syrup on their eggs (yuck!) but I believe there is a little “Chef Remy” in all of us who chooses to embark on the adventure of mixing food groups or changing up normal food in search of a bizarre but delicious combination.

In my eyes, the story and connection that I hold with the dish extend beyond the immediate gut reaction. That said, I must also acknowledge that it is one of the most delicious — if not the most delicious — desserts that I have ever had the delight of tasting.

Beyond flavor, every time I eat warm cheesecake, the overwhelming sense of nostalgia and joy exudes. I ask you, reader, to consider warming up your cheesecake the next time you indulge in the dessert. Your premonitions of disgust may be fulfilled (highly doubtful) but you may also have found a dessert that is so indescribably delicious, you will never eat cheesecake that cold again.

Food is meant to be experimented with! There are so many different combinations that one could create to explore flavor and tastes — the possibilities are simply endless. As disgusting as syrup sounds on eggs, I would never discount trying it because there is no harm in trying new things. I hope you gain from this article a sense of purpose to explore the vast variety of food combinations, and perhaps, warm cheesecake.