Student Government Report from March 17


(Courtesy of Student Government)

Jessica Schmidt, SG Beat Reporter

Executive Reports

President Miles Middleton reported that he has two upcoming meetings this week. One will be the Parent Council Meeting and the other is a meeting with Vice President Penny Rue. Speaker of the House Ally Swartzberg shared about Deacon Dining Appreciation Day that will be occurring soon to honor the hard work of all Deacon Dining staff. She also encouraged participation in Mental Health Week, which is occurring this week. Treasurer Victoria Parker reported that she is working on the Student Budget Advisory Committee presentation guidelines for next year, and Staff Advisor Tim Wilkinson reported that there have not been any final decisions relating to the ‘Shag on the Mag.’

Committee Reports

The Academic Committee is working on Faculty Appreciation Week and possibly adding a new foreign language option. They are currently looking into adding American Sign Language (ALS), but there no decisions are being made at this time. The Campus Life Committee has been running Mental Health Week events this week and encouraged all students to attend the pop-up food events and workout classes that are being offered. The Diversity and Inclusion Committee had another meeting about the cultural diversity requirement at Wake Forest and shared that there is a university vote next week regarding a final decision on this requirement. They are also looking into ways to make the Bias Reporting System more accessible to students. The Judiciary Committee reported that David Petraeus, the former CIA director and a four-star general, is coming to speak at Wake on March 31 at 6 p.m. Students are encouraged to attend. 

The Public Relations Committee is working on Mental Health Week promotion and the Physical Planning Committee is planning Earth Week. The Student Organizations Council is excited to begin chartering new organizations next semester after a pause in response to COVID-19 restrictions. 

New Business

The Student Government Covid Liaisons Jackson Butler and Cate Pitterle reported that, according to university protocols, vaccinated students will continue to be tested and will still be required to follow quarantining policies.