Staff Editorial: Fall in the Forest sparks optimism


Editorial Staff

As we look around campus these days, it is impossible not to feel enlivened and excited by all the clamor and the noise. In-person classes have returned, the quad is abuzz with student life, Moe’s has been eradicated from Benson and Chick-fil-A’s spicy chicken sandwich is now an Old Gold option. Our campus is alive once more, and that feels great.

At the same time, it’s important that our community remains cognizant of the fact that the pandemic is not behind us, that vigilance and compliance are still necessary for our own health and safety and for that of the surrounding community. Following the guidelines put forth by the experts is an obligation because we are not out of the woods yet.Soon, though, we will get there.

In the meantime, we here at the Old Gold & Black encourage you to hang tight and to seize every opportunity this campus has to offer. There are life-changing experiences to be made at every turn, all you have to do is take the initiative and seek them out. We urge you to leave no stone unturned, to travel your own unique path during your time as a Demon Deacon.

Many of us have been robbed of the typical college experience to some extent, which makes us all the more grateful for the start of a semester like this one. Let’s not let it go to waste.

While you’re out there finding adventure, we will continue to do what we’ve always done: provide you the most accurate and reliable coverage of campus life.

With the first full week of classes nearly behind us, we are looking toward the remainder of this new semester with optimism.

The future is bright, and we are beginning to regain the sense of normalcy that has eluded us for so long. To the Class of 2025, once again, welcome — we’re glad you’re here. We sincerely hope that your Wake Forest experience begins on a high note. To the rest of our fellow Demon Deacons, we hope that your Fall in the Forest is a healthy and successful one from start to finish.

Even during such a chaotic time of the year, I think we can all agree on one thing — it’s good to be back.