One final letter from the Editor


Alexandra Karlinchak, the best

I have spent nearly four years walking the hallowed campus of Wake Forest. Through multiple academic challenges, personal hardships and times of extreme spiritual and emotional growth, I have spent the most meaningful and formative moments of my life here at Wake Forest. Perhaps the most formative experience I have been blessed enough to partake in, however, is my involvement and position with the Old Gold & Black. 

When I came to college, I – like every other human being – was a Pre-med. Shocker. I cited my reasons for studying to be a doctor as wanting to help people and challenge myself academically while doing it. Fast forward three months into freshman year, and that dream quickly fell apart – along with my GPA. My personal and academic identity was gone, along with my sense of self. I was aimless. 

Then, I took my first journalism class. Instantly, my passion for journalism took off. I signed up to write for every section (though my true allegiance lies with Opinion), and I was happy. 

I’ll save the boring timeline tale for another day, but essentially I went from opinion writer to assistant editor and then to Editor in Chief. And now, my term as EIC is over. 

I must admit, I still have imposter syndrome in this position. I recognize the many editorial mistakes I’ve made and know that I am far from perfect. I’m also far from the best EIC this newspaper will have, and that’s a good thing. I am incredibly proud of the work my team and I have done within the past year. 

We started two podcasts, installed an investigative reporting team, covered stories about sexual assault, COVID-19, racial profiling, student organizations and more. 

But it is only a step. My time here has come and gone. And I am ecstatic to see the places the next editorial board brings to this organization and this school. 

Sincerely as always,

Alexandra Karlinchak