Life on the Street: Still Grimey

Print managing editor reflects on her visit to a clothing shop


Cooper Sullivan

Still Grimey’s downtown storefront is inviting.

Selinna Tran, Print Managing Editor

As its logo suggests, the sibling-founded clothing store Still Grimey specializes in offering fine vintage goods to the public. With a brick-and-mortar shop located in downtown Winston-Salem and a booth in Design Archives Vintage and Handmade Emporium — a store home to hundreds of different small businesses and artists — Still Grimey was top on my list of stores to visit for Life on the Street. 

When stepping into the Still Grimey store, the first thing you will notice is the aesthetic color-coordinated assembly of clothes on the different racks. While the physical size of the store may be small, there are is an abundance of clothing packed onto each rack. 

The store has a nice atmosphere and is inviting, although the storefront is a small hole-in-the-wall establishment on Winston-Salem’s busy downtown street. 

From random college sweatshirts to iconic Dickies pants, Still Grimey offers a variety of clothing articles to spruce up your closet. 

The store frequently offers sales, but as is common with many vintage re-sellers, prices can reach steep levels that go beyond the average college student’s budget. Robert and Stephen Daniel are the (twin duo) minds behind Still Grimey. With a goal of offering sustainable secondhand clothing to the local community, the two moved to Winston-Salem in the summer of 2020. 

“We can’t please everyone, but if you like cool stuff you’ll probably like us,” Stephen Daniel said. 

When asked about the mission and backstory behind Still Grimey, the duo basically started out of necessity: “We lived in Boone, NC for six years while attending Appalachian State,” Stephen Daniel said. 

“Robert and I would go Goodwill-looking for clothes and any outdoor gear we could find.” 

“We’d buy outdoor gear to flip at the local gear consigment store for groceries on the weekends. Ultimately, there’s a lot more to the story but that’s how we got started. We’ve been selling clothes full time for almost three years.” 

Stephen Daniel attributes their hustle and interest in selling clothes from their grandfather. The Daniel brothers have come a long way from sellling at pop-up shops and have accomplished what many sellers and companies aspire to achieve. 

In terms of where Still Grimey sees themselves progressing in the future, Stephen Daniel said, “I mean, we have a brick and mortar?! That’s the goal for a lot of people when they get into re-selling. When we lived in Boone we would do weekend pop-ups in our driveway.” 

He continued: “We both feel that we’ve by no means made it, but we’re happy to be moving toward our goals and we’re happy to be doing something we love. Our goal over the next couple of years is to grow into a larger space here in Winston-Salem and to open a second location.” Although Stephen Daniel notes that — while they wish to grow and progress as a company — maintaining a personal style is vital. 

As someone who enjoys exploring my personal style and also being conscious of how to be more fashionable while being sustainable, I had to ask the minds behind Still Grimey for any input or tips they had. 

“One of the most important things is to do what comes naturally. No matter what that looks like. Be yourself and do not force it,” Stephen Daniel said. 

Stephen Daniel notes that he and his brother, themselves, do not have what they consider to be an “outstanding sense of style.” 

Stephen Daniel continued, “It is important to focus on the basics when getting into your own personal style. Buy stuff that you would wear every day if you had to. Try not to rely on one source when shopping on a budget.” 

Even if you may not find exactly what you are looking for at Still Grimey, visiting the store can provide inspiration as to design, color and style. 

My friend and co-worker Cooper Sullivan and I took turns to style each other from the various pieces available at Still Grimey. Our primary goal was to be able to make some super funky outfits from the options available.