From the editor: A new tradition

The Old Gold & Black will move to a biweekly print schedule

Connor McNeely, Editor-in-Chief

For its entire history, the Old Gold & Black has been a weekly campus newspaper, upholding a tradition that members of the Wake Forest community have come to expect and depend upon.

This fall, the Old Gold & Black will be adopting a new biweekly printing schedule. 

Instead of a physical print newspaper every single week, we will now be stocking stands with the Old Gold & Black every other week with eight issues across the Fall semester on the following dates:

1. August 25

2. September 8

3. September 22

4. October 6

5. October 20

6. November 3

7. November 17

8. December 1

This decision was informed by the sweeping transformation made across the nation to both professional and student-created print newspapers. News organizations everywhere are diverting their resources to expand their multimedia reach and working to create more high-quality print editions. Now, as members of our community pick up a copy of the Old Gold & Black, they can expect a newspaper that reflects a higher investment of time, effort and creativity.

Readers concerned about potential lack of content can look to our website, to find a continuously updating source of news on everything Wake Forest. 

We are opening our doors to even more talented students by providing new opportunities in media.

As an organization dedicated to the ever-changing Wake Forest community, the Old Gold & Black has followed this national change and is now working to continually transform its operations in order to provide the best coverage possible. The reduction in the frequency of print newspapers has allowed for a substantial amount of our funding to be directed towards both professional development of staff members and multimedia projects, which will be produced as the semester progresses.

Throughout its history, the Old Gold & Black has always stood as a creative hub on Wake Forest’s campus — with this choice, we are opening our doors to even more talented students by providing new opportunities in media. If you are interested in writing for the Old Gold & Black, or working for us in any capacity, please contact [email protected]. Thank you for reading, and thank you for your continued support of our newspaper.