‘Bros’ is my new favorite Rom Com


Courtesy of Bros the Movie

‘Bros’ is a masterful romantic comedy, writes Ally Werstler.

Ally Werstler, Contributing Writer

“Bros”, the first gay romantic comedy produced by a major studio, is directed by Nicholar Stroller and co-written by Billy Eichner. The film follows the complicated love life of Bobby (Eichner) and his mission to stay single forever, that is, until he meets the handsome Aaron (Luke Macfarlane). Along with the acting talents of Eichner and Macfarlane, the film is stacked with an all-LGBTQ+ cast, including names like Bowen Yang, Ts Madison, Miss Lawrence, Jim Rash and Dot-Marie Jones. The stellar cast, witty dialogue and heartwarming message allow “Bros” to perfectly encapsulate the romantic comedy identity and, in turn, become one of my favorite films of the year.   

The passion that the “Bros” cast exerts on-screen is contagious — especially that of Eichner’s, as his performance signifies his mission to promote sincere LGBTQ+ stories. Not only does Eichner knock it out of the park with his perfect comedic timing and touching performance, but his co-star, Macfarlane, also does a great job of portraying a more-than-meets-the-eye love interest. Macfarlane’s performance demonstrates the actor’s range, proving that he is more than just a hunky bachelor in a Hallmark Channel Christmas movie, which is ironically something at which “Bros” likes to poke fun. The supporting cast is masterfully utilized, as each and every character has memorable personalities and hilarious lines of dialogue. My personal favorite of the bunch is Yang, who has an iconic moment in the middle of the film that caused both myself and the audience to roar in laughter. I cannot stress enough how great the chemistry is between the “Bros” cast — bravo to the casting director, Gayle Keller! 

If you have ever seen the television show “Billy on the Street” then you know that Eichner’s comedy is witty and intelligent. That talent shines in “Bros”, as every comedic bit lands, causing the audience to break down in laughter every few seconds. Something that we do not see on “Billy on the Street” is Eichner’s knack for writing emotional moments that really strike a chord. One minute you are crying because you are laughing so hard, and the next you are crying because you have grown so attached to the characters. Who knew that the man who is most famous for asking game show questions to complete strangers on the streets of New York City could co-author such an emotionally charged film? “Bros” proves that Eichner has some serious range on and off camera! 

Eichner is, in short, a master of crafting a perfect romantic comedy. Everything comes together so perfectly in the end, which truly makes this historic film unforgettable. I never cry in movies, but, to be completely honest, I shed a few tears when the end credits rolled because “Bros” really is that great. Trust me on this one Old Gold & Black readers, you will not regret spending your time and money on this incredible film. “Bros” is funny, silly and, above all, beautiful, thus leading me to name it my new favorite romantic comedy. 

Film Score: 9/10