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Students note that this year’s on-campus COVID-19 restrictions are causing strains on both their mental health and social life.

How the pandemic is affecting mental health

Khushi Arya, Staff Writer March 11, 2021

For junior Ashwin Singh, a pre-pandemic year spent studying abroad at Oxford University quickly turned into play dates with his golden retrievers back home in West Chester, Pa. He was then forced into...

Doing work outside proves healthier

Doing work outside proves healthier

Micah Porter September 17, 2020

With the onset of COVID-19 ruining the academic and social plans of thousands of students across the globe, the return to a college campus has meant a return to normalcy and routine. While Wake Forest...

Staying active despite gym closures

Staying active despite gym closures

Khushi Arya September 10, 2020

We’re two weeks into the semester and as the workload is picking up, so are our excuses to be lazy. Everyone is well aware that exercising supports cognitive functioning, boosts immunity, strengthens...

Minnesota United defender Michael Boxall ran around Bde Maka Ska last month to stay in shape without team workouts.

Quarantine Workouts To Help Improve Your Mind And Body

Lindsay Hayden April 13, 2020

With the world turned practically upside-down, it can be hard to feel like we have control over anything these days. Despite continued uncertainty, one thing we can control is the way we treat ourselves...

How To Make Mental Health A Priority

How To Make Mental Health A Priority

Alexandra Karlinchak February 13, 2020

Well, it’s officially that time in the semester again. It’s the “not-quite-midterms-yet-but-also-there-are-four-exams-shoved-into-a-three-day-period-before-the-drop-date” point, and it is safe...

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Intuitive Eating Is Another Mindset For Healthy Living

Madison Zehmer August 30, 2018

Like many first-year students, I went into my first semester at Wake Forest absolutely terrified of gaining the “freshman fifteen.” I let that fear dictate what I ate and how I related to food and...

Ketogenic Diet Delivers Unhealthy Side Effects

Ketogenic Diet Delivers Unhealthy Side Effects

Ethan Bahar April 19, 2018

There is recent scientific consensus that diets generally do not work as effective weight loss strategies. Yes, you will likely lose weight at the beginning of a diet, but statistics show that over 95...

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Plant-Based Eating is Simple on Campus

Olivia Field March 22, 2018

Whenever I tell people that I’ve been vegan for almost five years, I often receive one of two responses: “Wow, I can’t even go one day without meat,” or “Oh, so do you only eat grass or something?” For...

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How to: Get Creative with Kale

David Ajamy February 22, 2018

A telling sign that a specific food is popular is when you can walk across a college campus and see the food’s name on a piece of attire. That, or if, when browsing Instagram, every recipe has the item...

Weight Loss Resolutions are not the Answer

Weight Loss Resolutions are not the Answer

Madison Zehmer January 25, 2018

Weight loss resolutions are an inevitable part of the New Year. Although often well-meaning, these resolutions are usually unsuccessful, as 95 percent of diets ultimately fail. In addition, weight loss...

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It is important to be safe while celebrating New Year’s

Becky Swig December 31, 2017

New Year’s is a world-wide celebrated event, with those from all over the world counting down to midnight. Always a fun and exciting event, New Year’s comes with some safety concerns, but there are...

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A Blooming Paradise Just Across the Road

David Ajamy December 3, 2017

While not every student has a green thumb, any student can grow one with Campus Garden. Campus Garden allows students to see the growing process first hand, see the beauty of farming and the blossoming...

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