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University Officials Continue to Fail Faculty
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In my 36 years at Wake Forest, three items have regularly been on the faculty’s agenda for things the administration could do to improve its lot: bringing salaries up to the level of the universities to which we compare ourselves; developing a regular sabbatical program so that all tenured faculty can have regular leaves; and […]

April 12, 2018
Hatch’s Fund Allocation Creates Dubiousness Among Faculty
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We all know that press releases from Wake Forest are the equivalent of Trumpian “Fake News,” which is to say they are full of sleights of hand that grossly distort the basic truths underlying the manner in which campus life is organized these days. Nevertheless, as someone who has taught here for 36 years, I […]

February 8, 2018
Professor addresses response to Eudaimonia
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To the Editor: One might have thought that the 181 signatures of faculty members on a petition requesting that Wake Forest separate itself from the Koch Foundation would have been enough. 

April 13, 2017
Administration and faculty disconnected
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One of the most problematic changes at Wake Forest is the BB&T Center’s new Eudaimonia Institute that emerged officially on Sept. 10 in the “Winston-Salem Journal.”

September 22, 2016
The university is fixated on money
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If I were to offer an alternative viewpoint on the recent encomiums of the Hatch Years at Wake Forest, it would run something like this: Like many other corporations and universities throughout the United States, Wake Forest, over the past decade, has worked hard to transform its economic model by maximizing inputs and minimizing outputs. […]

October 22, 2015