Students must build empathy for their marginalized peers
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Nothing annoys me more than half-a** activists. These “activists” make Instagram and Snapchat posts about how they stand for certain social issues, but do nothing to make actual changes beyond joining a social media hashtag.

September 21, 2017
Wake Forest is stifling the free speech of students
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In Wake Forest’s mission statement, the University states that it is “committed to sustaining an environment where vital beliefs and faith traditions can engage secular thought in a climate of academic freedom and an unfettered search for truth.”

September 7, 2017
Theatre classes help foster professional skills
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What are you going to do with a theatre degree? How will dance help you in the future? What’s your backup plan? As a theatre major and dance minor, I have received these questions countless times from older professionals through their somewhat gritted teeth.

September 1, 2017