Photo Courtesy of Mitchell Loll
Photo Courtesy of Mitchell Loll

Deacon Spotlight: Cameron Mulhall

Cameron Mulhall is a senior finance major in the Wake Forest School of Business from Ocean City, NJ. He has been a member of the Wake Forest rugby team since his freshman year and has played both fall and spring seasons. Mulhall, a football player and wrestler in high school, had not played rugby before coming to Wake Forest, but he has since emerged as a leader of the team.

KYLE TATICH: Tell me about your athletic career. What sports have you played? How did you first begin playing rugby?

CAMERON MULHALL: In high school, I played football and wrestled. I began playing rugby at the beginning of my freshman year. I’ve always enjoyed physical, contact sports and was recruited to the team by James Doerfler (‘16) who was a captain of the team at the time.

KT: How would you describe your rugby career here at Wake Forest?

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CM: Evolving. I went from being a clueless, out-of-shape rugby player to a solid, knowledgeable and tough player over the course of my career.

KT: What is the best part of your skill set?

CM: Highlights of my skill set include knowledge of rugby strategies and physicality — being tough and aggressive in contact.

KT: How has your game evolved since your freshman year?

CM: The two biggest areas would be fitness and rugby knowledge. I went from getting gassed 20 minutes into a game to not missing any minutes in a 15’s game over the past two seasons (games are 80 minutes in length). As for rugby knowledge, I went from being confused every time I set foot on the field freshman year to developing rugby instincts. 

KT: What are some of your favorite memories from the rugby team?

CM: Overall, team camaraderie. For a more specific memory, I’d say the Elon game during the Fall 2017 season. We secured a one-point victory by holding Elon back on a last play try line stand (similar to goal line stand in football). Great team effort and desire to win were on full display.

KT: What are some of your favorite memories at Wake Forest outside of the rugby team?

CM: Friends made, unique academic opportunities and involvement and other extracurricular activities such as Finance Club and Student Investment Fund, as well as relationships developed with both faculty members and alumni.

KT: Academically, what brought you to Wake Forest?

CM: I valued the strong business school education rooted in a liberal arts background. I was also intrigued by the opportunities and accessibility offered by a small, student-centric school.

KT: What has been your favorite class in the business school?

CM: Topics in Private Equity. This class is taught by Dr. Marcum and Peter Brockway, a Board of Trustees member and experienced private equity fund manager, and is definitely one of the most unique opportunities present on campus for finance majors.

KT: What are your plans after graduation and for your career?

CM: After graduation, I am moving to Charlotte to begin a career in investment banking. I hope to pursue a career in private equity over the long run.

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    Brendan BaileyMay 1, 2024 at 9:57 am

    So so proud of the man Cam has become. He’d be nothing if Mr. Tatich hadn’t made time to sit down for this interview.