Student Government General Assembly

Student Government General Assembly

I. Executive Reports

President Mellie Mesfin clarified the requirements for the upcoming Student Government elections, as well as explained her goal to design a clearer elections rules packet. Mesfin made it clear that candidates are prohibited from forming campaign teams, requesting a campaign manager or passing out flyers at this time. Mesfin also explained that the campaign spending limit is $125 for executive candidates and $45 for senatorial candidates.

Speaker of the House Miles Middleton explained his efforts to build connections with Winston-Salem State University  through a student government coalition.

Treasurer Andrew Wilson reminded everyone that club budget requests are due next Monday, along with a training module that is required to be completed before submitting a budget request.

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Secretary Laura Horton described her efforts to decrease hardships for low-income students. Horton has made efforts to secure textbook reductions for students on financial aid and scholarship, and will have several meetings in the upcoming weeks to accomplish her goal. Horton is also working toward supplying condoms in the residence halls, as well as approving additional printing money for students in need of financial assistance.

II. Committee Reports

Academic Committee promoted an upcoming event to learn about renting in New York City. Representatives from the New York real estate company, Cooper & Cooper, will have a workshop at 5 p.m. on Feb. 5 in Benson 409 to help students navigate housing options. They are also working to organize events for Faculty Appreciation Week.

Campus Life Committee announced graphics and plans for Mental Health Week. The theme is “Let’s Talk,” and events related to that topic will be held each day. The committee also informed students that Google forms are available for those interested in sharing their experiences with mental health struggles during the week.

Diversity and Inclusion Committee reported progress in their development of friendlier sexual education during freshman orientation. This committee is additionally working to initiate a program for students to donate books at the end of the semester that will be given to low-income students at the start of the following semester.

Judiciary Committee has spent time restructuring the language of the student government elections packet, as well as establishing a requirement for treasurer candidates to have experience with the Student Budget Advisory Committee before running.

Public Relations Committee reported on work done to complete the Mental Health Week video and their plan to use students in the construction of the video. Additionally, the committee has begun live streaming Senate meetings to incorporate the student body in a new way.     

Physical Planning Committee described efforts to get hot water in dorm sinks and to advocate for new machines in the gym.

Finally, the Student Organizations Committee reported that they are continuing to work on restructuring  the way in which clubs gain chartering.

III. Constituent Concerns

Senator Gaby de la Vega reported seeing mold on the water fountain dispensers in Botswick Residence Hall. If this is seen anywhere on campus, students are urged to submit a work order form as soon as possible.

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