Two singing groups hold outdoor concerts

Minor Variation and Demon Divas performed for students at two separate concerts this week


“Our energy was on fire because it was our first performance,” said Demon Divas President Marie Anderson (‘21). The Divas performed in the Scales Breezeway Tuesday night at 6:30 p.m.

Sophie Guymon, Staff Writer

Campus is alive with the sound of music.

In this past week, both Minor Variation (MV) — Wake’s female Christian a cappella ensemble — and Demon Divas — an all-girls contemporary group — held their first outdoor concerts of the academic year in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic.

However, even before these performances, these women still found incredible fulfillment in the group.

“In the times of COVID-19 where performances are uncertain, MV has another purpose; I believe that purpose of developing community with each other and Christ shone through this year,” freshman Allison Christiano said. “My involvement in MV has allowed me to develop bonds that will outlast my time in the group.”

COVID-19 safety was carefully observed during all rehearsals, with adjustments made at the direction of the University.

“Our rehearsals are completely masked [and] distanced, and frequent hand sanitizing checks are in place for everyone’s safety,” Demon Divas President Marie Anderson (‘21) said. “Our concert was also distanced and masked, and we also didn’t switch mics like we usually do during the performance. [Rehearsing with these changes is] a challenge that requires more effort, but it was totally worth it to be able to sing.”

Minor Variation’s “Large-ish Concert” was held this past Sunday at 7 p.m. on Manchester Plaza, while the Demon Divas held their Spring Concert on the Scales Breezeway at 6:30 p.m. on Tuesday. Both concerts were held at a limited capacity, with students required to register in advance to attend.

MV performed six of the 11 songs on their 2020 album, Anchored, as well as four additional pieces. Chloe Williams (‘21), Katie Fox (‘23), Maddie Faria (‘22), Lauren Cianfrani (‘22) and Regan Cochran (‘23) were the featured soloists.

“My favorite song that we performed was Old Church Choir,” Christiano said. “Everyone really likes that [piece], and we all got into the music and that our voices meshed well [together].”

Between songs was a short speaking session from MV Chaplain Anna Crumpler (‘21) and a senior recognition segment for Crumpler, Chloe Williams and MV’s other graduating seniors: Kaley Jessup and Casey Williams. The event was live streamed on Facebook for those who were not able to attend in person, which was enjoyed especially by the parents, friends, and family members of the performers.

The Demon Divas performed eight songs in total broken up into two sets of four. Concert RSVPs were closed at 100 to abide by University guidelines. Featured soloists for the concert were Anderson, Gabrielle Coffy (‘22), Anjali Purohit (‘21), Lillian Holland (‘23), Grace Sullivan (‘22), Sallie Perry (‘22), Paige Edmonds (‘21) and Lauren Carlson (‘21).

“It was truly exhilarating,” Coffy said of her concert experience. “[During my solo, I got] lost in the melodies and my own voice. It really feels like the world fades away.”

“Our energy was on fire because it was our first performance,” Anderson said. “As a senior, it was very bittersweet to have it be our first and last moment, and I am so proud of the group’s commitment to coming together over our shared bond of making music. Our greatest challenge was definitely breathing in the masks, but we overcame it [through] practice.”

Apart from their recent concerts, MV and Demon Divas added new members to their groups this year and were able to release music across streaming platforms. Both groups plan to adapt to COVID-19 conditions as they evolve, with hopes for a greater repertoire of in-person concerts and performances at campus events in the fall.