Student Government General Assembly

Student Government General Assembly

I. Executive Reports

President Mellie Mesfin began the meeting by discussing the preparation for Student Government elections that will be taking place in the next couple weeks. If anyone is interested in executive positions and wants to know more about their responsibilities, she is available to answer any questions or concerns. 

Speaker of the House Miles Middleton spoke about the accountability of bias reports and his work to help promote the bias reporting system to ensure that issues are resolved and dealt with. 

Secretary Laura Horton shared information about Sex Week, which will last from March 30 to April 3. The week will include a variety of events regarding sex education and preparation, which will be hosted in partnership with various offices on campus, such as the Office of Wellbeing and the LGBTQ Center. There will also be free STI and HIV testing on April 3 as part of the week’s activities. 

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Chief of Staff Isabella Ryan encouraged involvement with Mental Health Week and Staff Advisor Tim Wilkinson reported that the applications to be a Student Engagement Consultant are still available. 

II. Committee Reports

The Academic Committee shared about the Faculty Appreciation Event occurring on Tuesday, March 31 from 2:30 to 5 p.m. The committee will host an ice cream social and an a cappella concert for faculty members, who have devoted their time and energy into making the university great. The committee also reported that the student-athlete video highlighting the involvement of student athletes on campus aside from their athletic participation will be completed and released soon. 

The Campus Life Committee once again advocated for more participation in Mental Health Week, whether that be in terms of volunteering or simply attending events. The promotional video for the week will be released soon in order to garner more awareness for all of the events occurring that week. 

The Diversity and Inclusion Committee was excited to report that the demographics regarding freshman dorms will be presented by Matthew Clifford, the assistant vice president of Campus Life and dean of Residence Life and Housing, either this week or the following. The committee also discussed its work on the sexual education presentations that will be shared to incoming students during the fall 2020 orientation week. 

The Judiciary Committee is working on understanding and looking through the research on the student governments of universities in the Colonial Group.

The Physical Planning Committee reported the results of their meeting with Deacon Dining and shared the new aspects of dining locations on campus, such as the waffle maker in the Pit, fresh fruit in the P.O.D. located in Subway, and La Croix in the P.O.D. in Benson. Since Deacon Dining is willing to hear student opinions and ideas, the committee urged students to talk to their representatives to hear any other suggestions. 

The Physical Planning Committee is also hoping to construct shelters over the various bike racks on campus to keep bikes dry during the rain. An additional structural concern was also brought to the committee’s attention about building a boat house for the club rowing team. 

The Student Organizations Committee is continuing to refine the chartering process for clubs on campus. 

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