Student Government Report

Jessica Schmidt, Student Government Beat Reporter

I. Executive Reports

President Miles Middleton shared his work with administration to make the SneezSafe survey more accountable so that students will get a follow-up text message or email if the survey is not completed on a daily basis. He also encourages all students to get their flu shots as soon as possible to prevent the spread of illnesses. Middleton is also working with the university on increased patrol of off-campus hotspots for gatherings such as Campus Gas and Earl’s to limit density and ensure that COVID-19 guidelines are being followed. 

Chief of Staff Drew Skilton will be conducting a new round of senate appointments within this next week for freshman senators who did not win their election. If any freshman did not get elected and would like to be a part of student government, they are encouraged to apply. 

II. Committee Reports

Physical Planning is currently working on a number of projects. They are discussing the reopening of freshman rooftops and balconies to provide an outside space for students to do work and socialize within social distance requirements. They are also looking into opening kitchens within residence halls to allow students the opportunity of making their own food. 

The Academic Committee will be working with the Diversity and Inclusion Committee to work with the university on updating the cultural diversity requirement and seeing what improvements can be made to this requirement. 

III. New Business

Senate Resolution Six was passed by the senate. This resolution, titled “Make Election Day a day of Civic Service,” is designed to promote voter turnout and civic engagement since historically, Wake Forest students do not have high voter turnout on election day. The resolution calls on faculty to cancel their classes on Nov. 3, switch to asynchronous classes for the day, allow excused absences, or come up with other solutions that allow students to go to the polls on election day without missing class. While faculty are not obligated to change their course schedules, student government hopes that this resolution will help to persuade faculty to encourage voter participation.