Student Government Report from March 23


(Courtesy of Student Government)

Jessica Schmidt, SG Beat Reporter

Executive Reports

President Miles Middleton encouraged students to sign up for the Call to Conversation for the Naming Committee that was sent out to students this past week. He also announced that Student Government Elections will be held between April 13 and April 14. Speaker of the House Ally Swartzberg talked about the plans for Deacon Dining Appreciation Day. Staff Advisor Tim Wilkinson clarified that although Governor Roy Cooper has lessened restrictions and has increased indoor and outdoor gathering sizes, no final decision has been made regarding a change to Wake Forest’s policies. The university is also working on a campus concert on April 17 that may include a live local band and food trucks during the day, followed by a virtual artist performance at night. Wilkinson also shared that the University Police have expressed interest in doing an event with the student body similar to last year’s Pizza with the Police. There will be more details to come. 

Committee Reports

The Academic Committee is working on Faculty Appreciation Week and plans on having different events and food items available for faculty throughout the week. They are also working with the Judiciary Committee to update academic dishonesty policies. The Campus Life Committee has a meeting with Vice President Penny Rue later this week to discuss campus life concerns. The Diversity and Inclusion Committee introduced the Police Advisory Board Focus Group, which intends to gather student perspectives on the University Police. They are encouraging students to sign up. The Judiciary Committee is undergoing an archival review process of older legislation and they are also working to improve the accessibility of the Code of Conduct among students.

The Physical Planning Committee is working on planning Earth Week and also reported that the Wake Lines will begin to shuttle students on the weekends to Hanes Mall, Target and River Birch starting this upcoming weekend between the hours of 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. The Public Relations Committee is working on Earth Week graphics and Senator Spotlights. The Student Organizations Council shared that they are considering holding office hours for student organizations to come and express their concerns with the council.

New Business 

Senate Resolution 11 was passed. This resolution included the co-sponsorship of Deacon Dining Appreciation Day, which will be held on April 2 to celebrate the work of all Deacon Dining staff. The event will be co-sponsored by the Black Student Alliance and the Resident Hall Association.