Editorial Staff: Communication must be improved


Editorial Staff

The past few weeks have proven incredibly challenging for our student body and the Winston-Salem community. In more ways than one, these recent events have shone a light onto Wake Forest, illuminating the numerous cracks and crevices which reside beneath our university’s surface. Though frustrating, these kinks have a distinct value in that they reveal places in which we can improve, reform and grow.

With all that has unfolded this semester, we have expressed more than our fair share of sorrow, grief, outrage and — above all — a desire for permanent, positive change.

Students, we hear you. We will not stop fighting to make your voices heard. As a publication, we will continue to work every week to tell those stories that need to be told.

We here at the Old Gold & Black have been put in a unique position. It is in our job description to tell both sides of every story, and that is a responsibility we take very seriously. Good journalism allows a story to tell itself. Great journalism puts you in the center of the action. Great journalism spreads informative, innovative ideas that inspire change.

We will continue to strive for greatness.

Throughout the past several weeks, we have done our best to view these tumultuous events through a journalistic lens. In doing so, we hope to provide the most accurate and reliable coverage possible. Going forward, we will continue to do so. That is what you, our fellow Demon Deacons, deserve.

However, there is no rule against us using our platform to express how proud we are of the student body and your collective desire to being agents of change. We are proud to see you stand up and voice your concerns. We are proud of you for not being content with the university’s silence, for realizing that we deserve better.

Communication is a powerful tool — it is the way ideas are communicated and warnings are given. But communication is important because it brings people together and serves as a catalyst for change, too. Let’s work together to improve communication between students, faculty, staff and administrators.